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SideTrak Takes on Television with a National Commercial

  |   Advertising, Digital Video, Television

How many monitors do you use? If you’re anything like the team here at ESB Advertising, that answer is more than one. In a world that’s changing to a more off-site & co-working work culture, that becomes very difficult when you’re using a laptop. That’s where our client SideTrak, comes in handy.


SideTrak is an “attachable portable monitor for easier work, wherever you work!” The company became a client this July and has been rapidly growing as word of this incredible product has spread. We had them conquer digital with social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. They’ve run display ads on sites like CNN, Forbes, and Mashable. We’ve produced a brand new commercial for them and now it’s time for them to take on national television!



When you are using Hulu, Sling, AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now), or any number of other television streaming services, keep an eye out for SideTrak’s commercial on a screen near you!


Want to learn more about SideTrak? Check out their website HERE.


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