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ESB Advertising Agency Is Working With Persona Doctors In 2015

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Persona Doctors, previously My Weight Doctor, and ESB Advertising Agency are coming together in 2015 with some new creative currently in the works. This is another great example of why businesses flourish when giving their marketing responsibilities to professionals, allowing them time to concentrate on...

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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Finding Balance Between The Two

  |   Advertising, Direct Mail, Media Buying, PPC, Radio, SEO, Television, Web Design

With technology booming, many assume that traditional marketing will soon become a thing of the past. Various social platforms are allowing for businesses to reach an infinite amount of consumers and to conveniently track their results. However, the perfect campaign incorporates both. For those unfamiliar, traditional...

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ESB Advertising Agency/Eastern Motors – Ray Lewis – Inspector 52

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Eastern Motors utilizes nearly every marketing technique possible for its advertising, and among the recent commercials to emerge is a very successful commercial featuring Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. The goal was to produce a desirable response from consumers by using a familiar sports icon...

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